Sunday, 24 November 2013

Top Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools and Frameworks

Everybody is looking for a portable one-in-all kind of solutions these days. Even enterprises are opting for the cross-platform mobile application development in order to have one universal application for all their users. Development of these applications are cost-effective as well as time-to-market has been reduced effectively.

Some of the very common boards for creating cross-platform mobile application are:



This is one of the very common platform of 2013 and almost loved by all the enterprises. It is a free open source medium by which the developer can create mobile apps using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. This platform gets integrated with Dreamweaver and developers can easily create and test all the applications.

It supports- iOS, Blackberry, Android, windows, Symbian etc.


PhoneGap Build

This is an extension to a PhoneGap itself. This platform build an app for you, developer can upload the files using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and this platform will generate the archives which they need for circulation on all the leading app stores. This system effectively reduce the time-to-market and it also saves a lot of hassle from the development team.

It supports- Android, iOS, blackberry, Symbian and webOS.


AppMobi XDK

This is a cloud based environment on which the developers can create a mobile app. It is basically an extension to google chrome plugin. The hosting as well as a service of this platform is free however there are some add-on services which the enterprises can pick if need arise while the development of their application.

It supports- Android, iOS and blackberry.

Some of the best framework to develop your application are:


jQuery mobile

It is a framework based on HTML5 and meant for touchscreen devices. Developers can use Themeroller (it is an online tool) to develop any application. It offers faster interfaces for the quicker delivery of the application. This is a wonderful framework which is very popular among the designers.

Language requirement-HTML and CSS.


Sencha touch 2

If the developers wants to work on Sencha touch 2, they must install this framework on their system (it will work on windows, Max, Linux etc.). The developers must also have the access of the local server in order to develop mobile phone application using this framework. It is a great choice for the developers who love to work on HTML5 platform.

Language requirement- CSS, HTML and JavaScript.



It is a very easy drag-and-drop tool for developing mobile applications. Developers can easily add standard buttons, videos, maps and other elements to the mobile apps for the consistent actions.

However, we must conclude while saying that it is an individual requirement and one must select the platform as well as framework as per their need. More or less cost of all the platforms comes out to be same.


  1. is a unique platform for building jquery based mobile apps then compile output into platform specific like android Or ios.

  2. I am not aware of it. Will look into this.

  3. hello,
    it is informative post all the tools are good and used by developers according to project need ,one thing i want to say some important tools are still missing.

  4. it is informative post all the tools are good and used by developers

  5. it is informative post all the tools are good and used by developers

  6. Thanks for sharing this informative post... From my end Jquerry & Phonegap are the best tools...
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