Wednesday, 27 April 2016

New Smartphone Apps to Help Fight Natural Disasters & Giving the Right Directions

In our previous blog post we have talked about the endless scope in the smartphone app market which is likely to grow leaps and bounds in future as well. Once again, smartphone apps have got a new addition in their utility pool. This time, it is related to the natural disasters.

Researchers at university of California have created a new android phone app named ‘My Shake’ with an objective to detect the earthquake. 


MyShake is an intelligent application that is able to distinguish between earthquake vibrations and normal vibrations. It uses sensors that are already present in a smartphone such as accelerometer. As soon as the app encounters any suspected movement, it immediately sends a small packet of data to Seismological laboratory including GPS details, amplitude and time of the vibrations. The app then keeps on recording another five minutes of data.

The laboratory analyzes the data of 60% nearby devices to confirm that an earthquake actually occurred in an area.

The app is developed with an idea to use the smartphone sensors in a smart way. However, there is some work that still needs to be done to make the app more usable, e.g., the app is capable to identify an earthquake, but there is need to make it proactive in which it will be able to predict the future occurrence of earthquake in advance.

This smartphone app is also not able to identify the earthquake with a magnitude lesser or equal to five.

Google My Map

Google’s My Map got a complete makeover with some surprising new features to increase the utility and accuracy of maps. It is the major update that happened in app from 2014 with addition of new exciting features.

Some of the new addition in Google My Map are as follows:
1.Users can see a street view look of the places.
2.They can view the photos and videos added by other users.
3.Users can search for a particular address and give custom names to places.
4.My map lets users choose from standard, satellite or terrain based maps.
5.It also allows users to create a customized map for the relatives coming to your area to visit. 
6.Description of places can be added to let them have an idea about what to except while making a visit there.

New version of My Maps can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store from where it is available to everyone.

These applications are the two most recent inventions in smartphone app market which are designed by keeping a special focus on users’ benefits. We are committed to keep you updated regarding all the latest happenings of the tech world, so stay tuned with us for more in the future as well.

Friday, 1 April 2016

How a Smart Watch can Change the Way of Using Smartphone?

With the introduction of Apple’s first iPhone, the battle of creating smart devices had started. Today there are plenty of smart devices that allow us to do things in a smarter, quicker and easier way. This battle among different brands has not stopped yet, however the scope of smart devices is increasing constantly from smartphones to smart watches. Nowadays, different electronic device manufacturing companies are competing for creating cutting-edge smart watches.

Smart watches are not just normal time pieces, but they can do a lot more than that. All the leading smartphone manufacturing companies such as Apple, Motorola, Samsung and Sony have introduced their  smart watches. Now, as the time is passing, competition is getting tougher and tougher between these companies, they all are trying to create better smart watches than the rivals. And, users are benefiting a lot due to this competition, because they are getting a better product every time. 

Why you must have a smart watch?
Those days are gone, when people used to check their smartphones for miss calls, notifications and messages. This is an era of smart watches, in which maximum operations of smartphones can be performed by smart watches. Now, there is no more hassle of taking out smartphones from the pocket, instead one can check all the important emails, notifications, and answer calls on his wrist.

Smart watches are developed to increase convenience in people’s lives. Many people have suffered with terrible road accidents just because they were using smartphone while driving. There are also some cases in which people have lost their jobs because of excess usage of phone during work time. These incidents may seem like excuses to buy a smart watch, but the truth is that the increasing usage of smartphones sometimes makes the situation troublesome.

Smart watches provide quick and easy access to all the main functions of smartphones. You can check messages, notifications and also use social networking apps on the watch. Thus, it lets you drive with peace, work with precision and you also won’t miss any notification.

Buying guide for first time buyers:
The electronic market has experienced an incredible boost in the sales of smart watches. From last few years the smart watch market is showing some exciting trends for  the manufacturers and retailers. They have become successful in grabbing the much needed attention of buyers. By looking at the market trends, many new companies are also trying their hands on smart watches with a commitment to provide feature-rich smart watches in affordable prices.

But, before investing your money in any smart watch, you are required to understand a few important things that are listed below:
• The watch should be compatible with your Smartphone and  offer good range of Bluetooth connectivity. 
• Is the manufacturing company giving any guarantee of long-lasting battery life? If yes, then go for it. 
• Get a smart watch that supports health promoting apps. In other words, watch must have a heart rate sensor, and support for other health related apps as well. 
• If the watch is having a good design with a fine collection of apps, it is just perfect for your wrist and requirements. 
• You can also buy standalone smart watches, if you want to wear a cutting-edge device on your wrist that is consist of best technology and made to provide better health and connectivity to the users.

Smartwatches of different brands offer different features, but they all are equipped with some basic standard features. You can choose the best for yourself by comparing the price and features of different smart watches.