Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Top 5 Apps: For Your Young Toddlers at Home

Being a working mother, you have to give a proper attention to your kid for his/her proper growth and brain development. And with the emerging technologies and solutions, I guess even parenting has undergone all those tech savvy skills and experiences.

When it comes to education you can teach your kid via many ways by taking standard lectures, by using flash cards, games, some fun activities and many more. However, educationalists have confirmed that best learning or teaching can be given to your kid is by visual effects, sound effects, images, and by interactive learning. In today’s blog I will cover the Top 5 applications that you can download for your tot for better understanding and memorization.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Mobile app developer: What’s new for them in the year 2013 - benefits or pitfalls?

Previously I discussed on, iPhone app development and its orientation shifting towards the outsourcing for its app development. Now, let’s discuss where the developers are facing problems in maintaining the successful customer relationship. We will even throw some light on the positive aspects of it.

If we look at the current market situation, where the number of smartphone owners has already surpassed 1 billion users worldwide; definitely there has been a positive and a negative effect on mobile application developers and on their customers because of the competitiveness that came into the picture from a jam-packed market.

On the positive side, the consumers and the enterprises have exceptional access on these mobile devices, which proves a productive ground for the companies to reach their mass audience. From the statistics given by Apple Inc. Apple app store has counted approximately 25 billion download in 2012 and it is more than 74% increase over 2011.

Year 2013: Is the year of outsourcing for iPhone application development?

iPhone’s second name is “iNnovation”. It’s famous for its attractive looks, creative applications and innovative features. iPhone is recognized for its class and excellence and people always desire to keep an iPhone for the ultimate experience. After the launch of iPhone5, the demand of iPhone 5 applications have been increasing day by day as lots of people has started looking for its exciting mobile applications.