Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Top 5 Apps: For Your Young Toddlers at Home

Being a working mother, you have to give a proper attention to your kid for his/her proper growth and brain development. And with the emerging technologies and solutions, I guess even parenting has undergone all those tech savvy skills and experiences.

When it comes to education you can teach your kid via many ways by taking standard lectures, by using flash cards, games, some fun activities and many more. However, educationalists have confirmed that best learning or teaching can be given to your kid is by visual effects, sound effects, images, and by interactive learning. In today’s blog I will cover the Top 5 applications that you can download for your tot for better understanding and memorization.
Whether you have an amateur paleontologist at home or your tot is just learning his/her alphabets, I think I may got some right apps to teach you and your family something new and interesting. These apps are designed especially for the children ages 2 through 10, with topics ranging from letter recognition to state memorization. 

1. Color & Draw 

Whether your kid is a tot or just started going to school, this application will help your kid to develop the innovation and creativity inside. Kids love to draw, sketch and paint with their fingers. This application will give freedom to do all and addition to it they can add to a template and be guided via voice prompts to add to and edit the picture. This application will definitely improve their fine motor skills without even realizing it. This application is available for both operating systems i.e. iOS and Android, so you can download these apps easily on your tablets at $1.99 for Android and $2.99 for iOS

2. Kindergarten Kids Math

Getting kids to sit down and solve their math problems is always a tiring job. Kids find it too boring and uninterested in solving them. So there is an app for an effective and fun way to get your 4-to-7 year old to learn arithmetic. This app was designed by a group of Seattle-based parents who decided to start building apps so that they can entertain and educated their own kids. The activities included in this are interactive and fun, and with voice instructions solving math problem is no more a pain. You can get this application free in iOS and in android you have to pay $0.99 but the lite version of this application is available free of cost in android

3. Stack the States

This is a geography game i.e. simple and fun to play. It has questions about the nation’s states, including matching state flags, matching shapes of the states, and identifying bordering states and countries. Kids have to answer them correctly to win this fun game. This application is best for the children ages from 6-to-10 year old. You have pay $0.99 for iOS and the lighter version is available at free of cost at iTunes. Whereas this application is available free of cost on android. This application is also available for windows phone now.

4. My Spelling Test

This is a great way to check on your kids spelling and you can have fun at all spelling tests. But wait what so great about this application is, this app lets you customize the word list so your kids, they will be working with and learning the same words that are going to show up on their tests at school. So great time saver when you are preparing them for exams and tests. This app is available free of cost for both Android and iOS to download.

5. Kids Piano

Music helps a kid to develop their concentration power. We all know music relaxes our senses. So it’s time to bring your child's inner Beethoven or Louis Armstrong. The Kids Piano app can teach kids to play more than 50 songs by highlighting the note to play, and it can also teach them to read sheet music. So it’s a great way to bring that inner talent in front so that they can use for later may be. This application is available at free of cost for iOS though you have to $2.49 for android. Its lighter version is available free of cost on android too. 

Mobile Application Development has not just brought ease in our professional life but it can be a boon for your personal life too. Parenting is an important and tiring job; you have to make sure your kid learn important aspects of life so that they can lead their life magnificently. You can mold a kid the way you want to bring out some extra-ordinary creativity and excellence and using these apps would help to make your kid’s life full on fun yet a knowledgeable experience.


  1. I very much interested with this applications for my clients please can we get in touch and organize how i will be getting them

  2. If your client is using iOS platform i.e. iPhone or iPad they can simply download these apps in iTunes.

    Similarly, If they are using Android Platform, download these apps in Google play!!

    hope this helps..