Friday, 14 December 2012

Development Tools of mobile application development

When we talk about mobile application development, the first thing which pings into our mind is – which operating system? With the increasing demand of smart phones and their usage, mobile apps development is gaining popularity day-by-day. There are many useful tools available in the market that can be used to create these apps effortlessly. Any developer whether an expert or amateur can develop apps quickly and easily with the tools discussed below.
mobile app development tools

Today I am going to share 7 remarkable tools for cross-platform mobile application development.  With the use of these tools you would be able to create really efficient cross-platform mobile apps. I hope that you will find this list useful. If you come across with any other interesting tools you can share it with us too.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Top-5 Applications for the Working Moms

With the emergence of smart phones, development of different mobile applications was so obvious. If we check the statistics, almost each day an application is developed related to any domain or for a required specifications. We all know apps have their own benefits which reduce human efforts and try to make a process seamless and productive.

Here we are going to discuss about the apps which can be used by working mom to reduce the inefficiencies and to boost the bar. Being a working mom, I can understand we are not any super women; we also need some help and support to keep things running properly and fluently. Well, these apps that am suggesting can be downloaded easily and it’s just a small relief to make any mom’s life more relaxed and comfortable.

1. Communications: It’s quite an essential, there are so many apps are available to download which allow you to make free calls and messaging over the internet. You can have instant messaging, chats or even video calling at a very low cost or even free. Check whether the particular application is compatible to your mobile device before downloading it and importantly, contact your service provider to know about the possible charges for any given application. E.g. whatsapp and Viber are the popular ones.

Is there any alternative to Apple Maps for iPhone?

When Apple was launching its own maps application, they have promised a lot of promising features. However, with a launch of iOS6 back in September, no could have ever imagined it could be a complete disaster. Apple CEO, Tim Cook apologized for this later. It was cluttered with tons of bugs and inaccuracies and consumer need to face a lot of difficulty using it.
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When Apple Inc. moved towards their maps application and they removed Google maps completely from their sphere, the actual problem started. As per the latest news, consumers are still facing problems related to the inaccuracies by apple maps.  Australian police warns that "Apple’s iOS Maps app is so bad it can kill you". According to The Guardian, Apple redraws maps after Australian drivers led astray in the bush.

We all were left pondering is there any alternative to these maps? That really works with it or could a good substitute to it. After some research, I come to a conclusion where I listed down top 4 replacements that can be used instead of Apple Maps. If you find out more interesting and informative map applications, you can share it in comment section. These Maps applications are just a part of a vast mobile application development world. There are much more to explore.