Thursday, 14 January 2016

Women Leads Man When It comes to mobile & social Media Adoption

There is no second thought in saying that the world where we live today is changed so far. In early decade, if we see technology & gadgets are often seen as man’s cup of tea. But now things are changed. Women are competing with men in almost every field.  While in some cases even they lead the men when it comes to using mobile technology and social media and also dominates the internet usage.

Here let’s discuss some interesting facts between men and women when it comes to mobile technology and social media. It will make us understand more clearly that women is leading men from usage of gadgets to wearable technology & online shopping to social media. 
According to 2015 research by, 19% of women uses smartwatch to 9% of men. It means Women are more than twice to own a smart watch than men. Not only smartwatch but tablets and smartphones usage in women is higher. 36% of women use tablet to 29% of men, similarly smartphone usage in women is 34% versus 32% of men to manage the portfolios and other social activities.

Similarly women are fond of social networking for staying in touch with family and friends as well as for accessing online offers, searching for ratings and reviews of the products. Men in contrast use the social media more for business and dating purpose. As, social media helps men to connect with the business world, perform important research and ultimately increase their brand awareness. 

Let’s have a look at some of the statistics of January 2015.

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We can see from above graph that More no. of female use Facebook, Pinterest, twitter and Instagram while men’s interest is higher on Google+, LinkedIn and Reedit.

In broader terms, 76% of women use Facebook to 66% of men and 33% of women use Pinterest as compared to 8% of men. While if we analyse for the LinkedIn than men is leading the race (24% versus 19%). It is not just about the numbers but it is about the engagement and interest. Women’s are more engaged on social media because they can easily interact with the brands, can access coupons, on top of this they regularly update themselves with all the essential news, health & beauty tips shared on the pages they follow.

Whereas the mobile technology plays the perfect role to make all this things possible for the females. According to research it is found that mobiles appeal more to women than men because 42% of women feels m- commerce is better option for social activities and online purchasing unlikely to men whose percentage is quarter to this. Moreover to this, Women more likely to use mobile phones for all the other small activities like clicking pictures for future reference while buying anything from near-by stores, comparing product price on comparison apps and sometimes if they found something better then they start shopping on phones rather than sticking with the products of the stores they are standing in.
All such activities shows agencies and brands need to take care about the women behaviour when it comes to the m-commerce because the real power behind mobile social technology is women.

Check below an infographic that shows the attention-grabbing statistics why women are the real driving factor behind social media:

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What to expect of mobile technology trend in year 2016

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Since decade technology is constantly growing and evolving. Dozens of smart and wearable devices has been launched and very easily accepted by the common people. Sometimes, we wonder how did our ancestor’s and in-fact the present generation were working without it in past decades. Especially without mobiles and clouds through which everyone is connected globally now.

There were handful of newer technology came in attention in 2015. Apart from smart phones, people experienced and enjoyed information and apps via various other smart gadgets like watches to fitness band, wearable device to smart TV’s,  sensor device in home and cars. The advancement in the technology continues year by year with a great impact on higher education, student communication, social media, corporate and IT world. Let’s have a look on 2015 NMC Horizon Report, that shows mobile-related trend will at least rule 5 years more with significant growth in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon, wearable technologies and Internet of things.

Where year 2016 is supposed to be the leaning point when the physical and virtual world will finally combine, cloud computing will rule and mind reading machine will come into existence. It means, some really important tech trends to look out in 2016. Let’s discuss few of them – 

1. Virtual Reality – Referred as immersive multimedia or the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image. Virtual Reality is ready to make big move in 2016, with the expectation that its device will target more than 14 million units worldwide in 2016 and may cross 22 million by the end of the 2018. Whereas, the Major advancement will be seen in entertainment and technology industries. 

According to a report from UK-based market research firm Juniper Research , it may be possible that in 2016 kids might be playing with the personalized robot and may be enjoying professional video gamers same as stadium-like view.

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Similarly, Virtual reality and augmented reality will have high impact on companies to deliver a 3-d images, and engage customers emotionally. Such as, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Sony’s Project Morpheus and HTC’s Vine headset  are some of the driving companies that will emphasise more on VR technology.
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2. Wearable Technology – Wearable market consist of wide variety of range from high tech fashion accessories to wearables that control your daily activity, health & fitness, sensors in your home and car, 3D-Printing, augmented reality and many in list that people are adoring this days. The wearables is not just limited to devices now. Companies are concentrating more on aesthetics after watching user’s behaviour and competition.
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The high –tech fashion world will see innovative designs and beautiful products in the coming year. Trend is high for the Apple Watch 2, the Pebble Time Round and other smart wearable gadgets. The wearables marketplace be one of the most important tech trends in 2016.

3. Self-driving, Smart and Independent Cars – Since 2015 some of the top automobile companies and other world’s biggest companies trying the concept of self-driving and smart cars while keeping it secure for humans and the planet.

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Hence in 2016 we will see many concepts running on roads such as Tesla, a big name in automobile industry working eagerly on electric, driverless cars on its battery factory in Nevada and will probably launch its first $35,000 electric car in late 2016. By that time, general motors will also begin its production of long-awaited Bolt EV. Another most awaited autonomous car of Google reported in Bloomberg is also planning to launch in coming year. Definitely, 2016 will be an exciting time for autos and technology industries as future plans will begin to take root.