Friday, 12 June 2015

Emerging Technology changing the Future Workplace

As the result of advanced and upcoming technology the work culture and future workplace is significantly changed. Evolution of technology continued to gain momentum year by year. Every other week we see there has been new technological invention & this trend to be continued in the future also.
Here are some key trends driving the evolution of work practices and every developing enterprise and entrepreneur should adopt these practices to manage their business in the high tech world.

Future is no more a physical place
Currently world hot-desking and remote conferencing have become the best practices. Video calling and collaboration become the most preferred business cloud tools now. It is very easy to conduct ad- hoc meeting anytime, anywhere globally. Moreover, with the use of VR Technology people can feel realistic conference experience in virtual conference room, it is so real where the attendees feel pseudo-face-to-face meeting. It became very natural way of interaction with each other without moving from one place to other.

Things are becoming more digital
As we are very much aware, we are living in more of digital world at present. Physical and digital world are connecting in a very interesting way. Undoubtedly physical spaces, services and assets will retain its importance but business will be directed digitally. Through a very important source it is declared that by the end of 2017 Most of the business content will be non-textual.

Wearable Technology
The most emerging technology of present time. A time will come when employees will bring their own smart watch, eye wears and iBangles for work. The wearable device will keep aside the regular phones and laptops. It seems difficult to imagine but in no time situation will be changed same as, 10 years back how differently we managed our life. We were using very basic phones for call but today via our Smartphone things become so simple like texting, sending emails & sharing documents can be performed in a minute from anywhere anytime.
Hence, Very soon employees and business folks will use these wearable gadgets to reply for the mail or sending some documents as easily as they do with smartphones and laptops, in fact many enterprises have started creating more wearable and mobile device apps.

Flexible Display

Flexible screen or display is another evolving technology for business and IT Industry. It may eliminate the need to carry big laptops, tablets or paper notes of presentation with you for any conference or meeting. With the use of cloud technology or wireless technology documents or presentations could be easily shared among all the attendees on their flexible screen.

Hence the above mentioned technology is driving and will drive radical change in the workplace. The upcoming technology list will also include 3d Gesture, augmented reality and hologram-like technology. 

Considering the above facts of upcoming technology and increasing demand of the customers in mind Omnie Solutions are adopting and all set to adopt the more advanced emerging technology in the future.


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