Friday, 29 May 2015

Know how 1 Text message can crash your iPhone

Yes you read it right, it’s a weird news but a simple text message can crash your iPhone. It’s a bug in iPhone. A stream of text containing random English, Chinese and Arabic characters when received can switch off or reboot your phone. The worst part of this bug is it will harm your device just after receiving the text whether you open it or not.

Initially the bug is discovered by Reddit users.  The Users who experienced this say the iPhone's banner alert or notification of message pop-up on the lock screen & the device turn off itself or start rebooting so it doesn’t harm the device and its software.

It is been said the hack appears to be caused by some malfunction in iPhone, iPad operating system. But still Apple unable to recognize what’s wrong and how to fix this bug. Although it isn’t causing any serious damage to machine but it’s annoying and Apple will fix this soon. According to times of India Apple Spoke person has admitted that there is a problem and said they are working hard to fix it soon.

But some users whose device experienced this attack started complaining that they can no longer access txt messages on their iOS device. Some reported that the text can crash some iPhone application completely, causing them to reboot the device without any warning. Some people assuring the problem can be resolved if you receive the same string of txt again. While some other have reported that on sharing some pics or images through the photo app allow them to regain the message history by clearing that string of text from the conversation.

If you are eager to see the code, here you go –

Also you can find it on Twitter and Reedit, the  simple Twitter search will display result of lot many users whose iOS device come across this bug.

You can escape from this most annoying problem just turn off notifications entirely for the Messages app. Though messages will display in the notification centre and as a small icon on the app on the home screen, but won’t be able to open and turn off your computer.

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