About Me

I am a freelancer writer with the experience of over 5 years. I had studied computers which will explain my interest in technology and innovation. Technology has been fascinating me and I am addicted to the knowledge of any new technology which is taking place around the world.

I am a married women with a child and lives with my husband in Texas, USA. Since the birth of my Son, I have devoted myself towards writing and taking care of my family. As told above, writing about technology and new inventions is my passion.

I have started this blog with the motive to gather and distribute knowledge related to mobile app development because this is my window for the world of unknown readers. In this blog, I would be writing more or less about the mobile app and its development. Being an ever going and ever expanding industry, technology is something which keeps all of us on our toes. Well, I hope that my articles/blogs will be enriching and informative.

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