Thursday, 26 December 2013

Enterprise Mobility - Application, Trends and Challenges

To begin with, mobility is a trend which started around 2010-11 and while in 2012 it was year when mobility entered the enterprise in the mainstream and today in 2013 there is a fast tracked implementation of mobility across the entire enterprise. Enterprise mobility is nothing but as we know is a trend in which more of the employees are working out of the office using their mobile devices and cloud services. The biggest advantage of this service is, employees can work freely from anywhere without compromising on any accessing issues of the resources or/and providing complete set of services to their customers.

If we talk about more of this advantages and competences then, it can provide –

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Top 6 Leading Mobile App Development Platforms

There is no doubt that mobile has been changing the life of people by changing the way people do their work. But it is also true that without mobile apps mobile itself has no more use, it will be just like car without petrol. This is the age of apps and days are not away when it will be tough for people to survive without mobile apps. Demand of mobile applications is increasing day by day as number of mobile users are increasing. It has been predicted that by 2014, mobile internet users will overtake desktop internet (

Not only corporate professional but other segment of people are also becoming dependant on mobile phones for their regular work. The application which supports housewives with cooking new dishes, kids homework are very popular. In the recent survey, it has been bough to the attention that people prefer to use different devices during different time of the day. The prime usage of the mobile devices are prime post 9PM in the night.