Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform App development and Design

Where finding solutions are now fast as ever, no one can wait to open their laptops to search or surf something instead they simply use their smart phones for it. It’s like the whole world is getting compact and its solutions are right there in your hands just few touches away. Hi, in today’s blog let’s talk about advantages and disadvantages of cross platform mobile application development over native apps for your mobile application development and designs.

If we look into the current scenario, the popular mobile operating systems are android, iOS, windows and Blackberry. Now comes the major challenge i.e. with so many platforms, developers have to create applications which are targeted at the specific mobile platforms means different programming languages for each. So, even organizations are forced to develop applications for all these major platforms in order to reach the maximum users and their consumers. Therefore, to resolve this problem, cross-platform come into the picture and proves its worth.

The idea behind most cross platform is to save time over the development and coding becomes easy over the different platforms and it can easily be complied with multiple platforms. Even if, these frameworks are easy to use and compile with, it got few pros and cons using it.