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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development is a blog about mobile apps and its development i.e. which all applications are introduced this season, how they work, what are the benefits. Applications made our life easier and seamless. With the emergence of mobile phones or smart phones, these applications played the vital role in the development and emergence.

Guest Blogging 

If mobile apps and its development is your forte too, you are most welcome to share your thoughts and knowledge with us. This blog will help you to showcase your knowledge and skills of writing on a single platform. For writing a guest blogs, there are few preconditions before submitting it.

Conditions are:

1. Your Blog details i.e. your URL of blog post. 
2. Share your Gravatar - for your identification and if you are using Blog spot editor.
3. A brief introduction of yourself.

1. Send an email at
2. Post a blog of at least of 300+ word limit.
3. Not more then 1 link is allowed in that content. 
4. Reason(s) why I should accept your request along with 1 or 2 article ideas and samples should be mentioned.
5. If you include any image or video, make sure its relevant to that content. 
6. No affiliate links, porn, nudity or adult content are allowed. Strictly prohibited, otherwise your account will be suspended.
7. Please check for all spelling and grammatical mistakes before submitting the content.
8. Keep the originality.
9. Press Releases are not allowed in guest blogging.


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  2. This sounds great that your are taking the initiation to post mobile applications development guest posts. Wanted to know on which site you'll publish these tech guest posts?

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