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Significant Tips for App Store Optimization to Increase its Visibility

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It’s no wonder for those who use smartphones that mobile applications and its development are flooding in market every day, as it is an era of smartphones. Where, every now and then a new app is added to app stores whether it is Google play store or iTunes.  With the clutter of new apps being introduced daily in market it is required to properly optimize the apps to rank them higher, for better page listing and categorization.

The properly optimized app means higher visibility on app stores, higher downloads which automatically increase subscribers, maximises buyers, sales and shares of your business.
But the question comes here is how to optimize the apps to gain the above KPI for the successful business.

So, below some significant tips are there to answer all of your queries that can improve chances of getting your app discovered and hence increase its download. The bottom line for ASO is same as great SEO tactics. This means whole story should circulate around keywords or content relevancy. So your app's Metadata, Descriptions, headlines and titles all should   be rich with keywords that people most likely use while searching for your app.

Let’s start app store optimization by breaking down the various important components into 2 categories: On Page & Off Page Optimization
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On Page Optimization 

App Icon or logo – The first thing what users will notice is the icon you upload while scrawling the search result. Hence the logo should be iconic and eye-catching. It should give users more than an idea about the app. For example you can provide cool 3d effect which will give more impact on users.

App Name & Categorization - The App name should be remarkable, influencing and catchy. It should also include the keyword. Also, choose the best possible category for your app not only relevant but also based on level of competition and generated revenue. It will influence more users and visits to your app and hence improve your app ranking. For iTunes, Apple has introduce subcategories which helps higher app ranking.

Meta Tags – We need to properly optimize Meta data of your apps, as mentioned earlier as whole thing revolves around keywords, so do brief analysis and brain storming before choosing keywords. The keywords should be highly relevant and the ones with highest search traffic volume. So you need to know which keywords are more often used by your target audience. And in the same way prepare catchy and informative title and description which must contain your keywords. Also you can regularly optimize your Meta as per the need.

Update App Snapshot – Google play and the iTunes store allow up to 5 to 6 screenshots. So the best use of screenshot is to attract more and more people and also for detailing key interaction points of app, hence this the best way of interacting with the audience and better serve your app to them.

App Rating & Reviews – Try to get higher rating and reviews from the customers who have downloaded your apps. Because higher rating and reviews help an app to rank higher on the app store.

Off Page Optimization
Use outside source for optimization – Not only on app store, but you should use outside sources to optimize your Apps. External references for your app listing page increase the possibility to rank higher in app store. Hence, 

- Keep posting on social media about the App features and app listing URL. 
- Write blogs and mention name of the app and app listing URL wherever it is suitable. Not only blogs but use other content syndication platforms as well i.e. articles for spreading information about your App.
- Add App URL at the brand website and at all the social media profiles if possible.
- If it is relevant,  mention the name of your app in press release
- Share app listing URL with internal resources and encourage them to share within their community as well.

Nice video to explore for App Store Optimization -

So all the above activities will increase total number of external references and drive traffic towards your app listing URL.

In the present technology world, a great app can help a brand to grow or serve as a money-making source in itself. All you need is experience mobile application development company and proper optimization of your Mobile Application. Hope above mentioned tips will help you lay the groundwork for optimization of your App.

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