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The Best and worst of Windows 10 updates so far!

Since July, 2015 Microsoft viewers were excited after hearing about the windows 10 release and its features. People anticipated  it to be an impressive progress over windows 8 – which is good for tablets and touch screen devices. And yes off course it has met the user’s expectations and   indeed Windows 10 is far better than its previous versions.

Windows 10 offers lot of new features and usability enhancements which could not be seen earlier, Microsoft took its ample time to launch  Windows 10  and yes it has successfully come up with one of the best versions of windows yet.
And the best thing for the common user  is that the Start menu is back with windows 10 and it can be easily upgraded at free of cost. – But things do not always go smoothly, some users of windows 10 are reporting issues like glitches, and hardware errors while its installation and update process. 
Here are some pros and cons when upgrading to Windows 10 –

It’s free for all – Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 is free for all. Users can easily upgrade if they have a valid licence of windows 7 or Windows 8. 

The Start menu is back with better functionality – One of the most useful tool Start menu is back with Windows 10, letting users to access files, apps and many other features easily. Few welcome changes are add-on to it like it is sleeker and also has optional transparent aero look which is customiable with different range of colors. Start Menu pop up is adjacent to live tiles.

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Cortana, Digital personal assistant – It is an intelligent digital assistant tool that works on both voice command and text input. Also, it automatically presents you all the relevant information as per your search. Such as, if you start typing the name of place, Cortana will automatically give you information about its distance, direction, travel time and more.

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Less space for storage and better restoring facility – Microsoft reveals that Windows 10 system files are compressed in such a way that the quality and performance is maintained without wasting storage space. It saved 1.5 GB and 2.6 GB for Windows 10 32 bit and Windows 10 64 bit respectively.

Microsoft Edge: new web browser – For an instance, if we study and compare Microsoft edge with Internet Explorer then it is improved largely. It loads pages easily and quickly with the help of modern web standards. It allows you to directly highlight paragraphs and mark or note on web pages for future reference and the same you can share with others.

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Interconnected OS between Desktop and Mobile – Windows 10 allows you to access everything on your phone which you left incomplete on your Windows PC and vice versa. It means OS is directly interconnected between your PCs, tablets and Phone.

Multiple Virtual Desktops - Windows 10 supports multiple “virtual” desktops. The virtual desktops feature in Windows 10 is called “Task View”. It means you can add multiple desktops on your single desktop with the help of “Add a desktop button”.

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There are many other new things introduced on windows 10 which are really amazing
Look and Feel of OS
Universal apps
Windows snapping

Cons -
No Preinstalled Games – No more preinstalled games now. Say good bye to all previous games -Hearts, Minesweeper or Solitaire. To enjoy all these games for free in Windows 10 you can download it from window store after spending 30 seconds of yours on ads.

No Media centre – One of the major disadvantage of Windows 10 is it has no windows media centre. Microsoft has revealed that it would be discontinuing media. Anyone who is upgrading their PC from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 will lose the Media Centre functionality automatically.

No touch friendly Feature – Various touch friendly features are missing from Windows 10, such as apps cannot be closed by swiping from top to bottom.

Bugs are detected – In most versions of software, bugs are detected and hence, it is suggested to wait while going for up gradation to  Windows 10 until the bugs have been resolved.

Update Stranger’s system by using your PC’s bandwidth – Yes, its true windows 10 may use your PC’s bandwidth to update the strangers system and you won’t even realize it. And this happens due to a feature called Windows Update Delivery Optimization. But you can stop from stealing by following the simple steps mentioned here -

Compulsory Windows Updates – Mandatory Windows Updates can be annoying for you. With the free upgrade you don’t have option to choose the apps that suit your need and save space. This option is only available in Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise edition.

So, these are some benefits and drawbacks of Windows 10. But this is to make sure that free up gradation to Windows 10 for now seems fascinating enough, but there is no certainty in it, anytime Microsoft may ask you to buy license version to avoid any interruption, especially for the enterprise users.

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