Monday, 10 December 2012

Top-5 Applications for the Working Moms

With the emergence of smart phones, development of different mobile applications was so obvious. If we check the statistics, almost each day an application is developed related to any domain or for a required specifications. We all know apps have their own benefits which reduce human efforts and try to make a process seamless and productive.

Here we are going to discuss about the apps which can be used by working mom to reduce the inefficiencies and to boost the bar. Being a working mom, I can understand we are not any super women; we also need some help and support to keep things running properly and fluently. Well, these apps that am suggesting can be downloaded easily and it’s just a small relief to make any mom’s life more relaxed and comfortable.

1. Communications: It’s quite an essential, there are so many apps are available to download which allow you to make free calls and messaging over the internet. You can have instant messaging, chats or even video calling at a very low cost or even free. Check whether the particular application is compatible to your mobile device before downloading it and importantly, contact your service provider to know about the possible charges for any given application. E.g. whatsapp and Viber are the popular ones.

2. Office Tools: There are so many applications available for download which serves the purpose of business apps and office documents. These applications could be worksheets, documents and presentation templates etc. These applications give you freedom to work or check your documents even in a go. It is advisable to download the PDF reader which gives you liberty to check even PDF documents or other web documents on your phone itself.  E.g. Smart office 2 for iPhones and Kingsoft Office for android phones.

3. Photography or editing tools: Being a mother always make you concerned about your kids and family and if you miss your kids on the go or in an official trip then such applications is a good idea to keeps pictures and videos of your kid and family. On a free time you can even edit, make collages, and share them with your loved ones. E.g. Camera+ for iPhones, Instagram, 360-Panorama etc. are just few names.

4. Task Managers: To-Do list or keep an appointment schedule is really important. Have you ever lost your grocery list or forget about any important appointment? Well if yes, then you should have a task manager. With this, you can schedule these tasks easily and won’t miss any important task to be done. By putting a timer or scheduling it on a particular date and time, the important job will reminded to you on-time and won’t let you forget it. E.g. Evernote, Dropbox etc.

5. Password Keeper: There are so many important information which you keep on your phone but don’t want it to be shared with anybody like passwords for the bank login details, your credit cards details etc. Try downloading this application or safe app, and then you can put all your details in it (which you don’t want to share with anyone) and put a password over it to lock this application. E.g. Keeper is the application you can download on your iPhone and iPad from iTunes and mSecure for android.

There are plenty of mobile apps available in the market to be downloaded, some of them are free and few are paid. Choose as per your need and requirement and the Mobile OS you are using i.e. iOS, Java for Android, RIM etc. You can even download game applications on your phone when you want to spend some spare time. Check the expert and customer reviews and performance before downloading it. Mobile application development and its usage really made a remarkable difference in everyone’s each life and in different industries.

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