Thursday, 10 January 2013

Year 2013: Is the year of outsourcing for iPhone application development?

iPhone’s second name is “iNnovation”. It’s famous for its attractive looks, creative applications and innovative features. iPhone is recognized for its class and excellence and people always desire to keep an iPhone for the ultimate experience. After the launch of iPhone5, the demand of iPhone 5 applications have been increasing day by day as lots of people has started looking for its exciting mobile applications.

It’s applicable to almost all the categories like business, social networking, gaming, sports, education, travel, weather, media and entertainment, news, finance etc. But today, it’s really important to understand that even they need to do outsourcing of their iPhone5 application development project to the experienced and renowned iPhone application developer to get desired result and to maintain the creativity and innovation. Looking at the scenario, more and more number of developers are getting into this field and putting their hands to develop a dynamic application so that consumers can get their desired applications.

If I check the statistics, more than 500,000 applications are accessible at Apple App Store that can be installed by users effortlessly. According to the Apple’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer), the company has spent approximately $4 billion on the app developers to develop the required applications. Because of this, Apple’s iPhone app store has earned over $5.7 billion as income.

In 2013, the trend is shifting towards outsourcing and now the organizations believe in outsourcing their iOS app development because of their potential results and cost effectiveness. If I look the statistics of Christmas, more than 60% of the organizations and other people have outsourced their mobile application development projects to offshore companies as offshore iPhone Application Development.

The main reason behind this diversion towards the outsourcing is the huge amount of profit gain by the organizations. They get the ideal results in the minimum efforts and in very less time. These offshore organizations are also well-known for providing customized apps development services, they provide you development on not just iPhone but for android app development, windows application development, and even for RIM of Blackberry. In this, you can get customized applications designed for your business need. All you have to do is to look for a renowned company which provides these services and more importantly apt for your budget. Don’t fall for cheap and low-cost offers given by some outsourcing companies which don’t deliver expected results, rather go for companies which offers you reasonable cost but also have a strong background in delivering the project on time and gives you the standard results.
So, I wish this New Year begins with more of creativity and innovation development at your place. All the best and keep up the good work.


  1. I am comparatively new to Iphone apps however I can make some of the apps but I also wanna advance and learn iphone gaming programmes/ how to make games also, I only need the right direction to start the programming and recently got to this 1 of iphone and Ipad app development course, wonder this will work or not as I haven't got enough info regarding these online courses.

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