Monday, 11 November 2013

How PhoneGap Mobile App Development is Beneficial for Businesses as well Developers

More and more IT companies made the switch from other platform to PhoneGap in last one year or so. It is because PhoneGap allows an easy execution of mobile application development and it also runs on all the mobile operating systems easily.

This technology is not only becoming popular among the enterprises but lots of developers are also opting for this medium because of the language which is already available on this platform. This helps the developers to easily develop an application and reduce the effective time to market.

Let’s talk about the benefits of mobile application development in brief for both the developers as well as the business.

Benefits of developing a PhoneGap application for businesses:

  • Businesses do not need to create different application for different platforms. One application which is based on PhoneGap platform will work on all the mobile operating system.

  • This type of application is very cost effective. Now the business have to only develop one application which can be run on all the major mobile platforms, they do not have to spend too much money. They just have to pay for one application development.

  • Reduced turnaround time of the market. The business do not have to wait for long now because one platform is ready to cater to all their business needs. With the help of this platform, developers are able to develop application in less number of days as compared to earlier.

  • Earlier when businesses had to develop different application for different platforms they were facing the problems with uniformity but now this issues never crops up because of a single application being used globally.

Benefits of developing a PhoneGap application for developers:

  • Developers do not need to learn the new language. If they know HTML5, CSS, JavaScript etc. they will easily be able to work on this platform. PhoneGap application can be developed using anyone of these language. 

  • This platform basically creates native application which runs on the mobile platform and use some of the systems of the mobile to run successfully. Development of an application based on this platform is easier in comparison to other platforms.

  • PhoneGap has a very robust backend system which enables developers to create application at a very good speed. It also comes with a user manual which gives lots of advantages to the developers who are just beginners. 

  • Rapid application development is very much possible with this platform because of the connection with JavaScript world and it also allows JavaScript API to access and control the device.

At last, we can just say that PhoneGap looks very promising for both enterprises as well as developers and offers cross platform app development capability. Some of the great applications are already using this platform and we hope to see more application based on this platform. 

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