Monday, 18 November 2013

Top 3 Mobile Subtitle Players

These days, there is a smartphone app for virtually everything. You’ve too many choices, and it’s easy to get lost. For instance, you love subtitled movie trailers and viral clips, but tons of video playback apps make things confusing for you.

Don’t worry. Today, we’ll take a look at 3 best video subtitle players in the market. And guess what! All of them are free.

#1 BSPlayer

This app is developed by the same team that developed the well-known video playing software for PC. The GUI can improve, but the player itself delivers pretty good performance in terms of display and playing multiple audio streams. There is an option for subtitle display, but the option lacks extra features like subtitle manipulation.

Free: Yes

Platform: Android

Developer: BSPlayer/AB Team Ltd.

#2 Subcommune

A highly-anticipated app that will be hitting the market this week. Developed by a team of mobile technology geeks, this smartphone app can play subtitle video with minimum user effort. The most remarkable feature of this app is video bookmarking — a feature no other app offers. With Subcommune, you can also tag subtitles, search the web for unknown words, and save your
comments on a video in a notebook.

Free: Yes

Platform: Android (as of now)

Developer: Subcommune, Inc.

#3 Moboplayer

This application has a great interface and offers high quality playback. Moboplayer can also play and customize subtitles. However, there are a few known issues like problem with sound while playing
HD/MKV videos and updating problems.

Free: Yes

Platform: Android

Developer: Mobo Team

Watch out for VLC beta

The leading PC video player is now available on Android. The subtitles work fine, but this beta version lags a bit, and the user interface, as is the case with the web version, is painfully plain. Nonetheless, you can check out VLC after the final release.

Free: Yes

Platform: Android

Developer: VLC Mobile Team

The best thing about the above applications is that you don’t need to pay for them. So check’em out and let us know what works best for you.

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Debasubhra Banerjee is a Business Content Editor and a mobile technology geek. He writes on a variety of topics including finance, technology, and current news.

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