Thursday, 28 November 2013

4 Things You Must Consider When Developing Mobile Apps for Windows Phone

The partnership of Nokia and Microsoft will give rise to the expansion of Windows phone. We all will soon see the improved and enhanced products of Nokia powered by Windows. This can actually turn the market upside down because currently market is ruled by Android. Earlier there was a monopoly of app store by iOS.

Like any other application platform even windows phone have a platform called XAML. The application for this platform can be developed by using Silverlight framework. Most of the developers who are developing an application for Android and iOS are already well known to these required tool.

If you also wish to develop an application for windows mobile phone, here are the things which you must consider:

1. Required registrations and tools

Before you develop an application for windows phone, your company must be registered with Dev center. This process takes some days. Once you are registered, you must use the tools recommended by Microsoft. If you don’t know how to use those tools then you must watch and listen to the tutorials which are given on the website in order to have better understanding of the tools.

2. Finalize your design and application format

Lots of ready to use template are available on the internet, if you want to choose between them go right ahead however, this will not guarantee you an exclusivity. If you want to have a unique design, you can hire a professional developer and brief him about your requirement in details with the functionality you want your applications to have. You can also tell him the preference of color, the look and feel you desire to have in your application.

3. Keep testing your mobile application

Testing of mobile application is must. Do not wait till the end of the application and keep testing it in between. Final testing must be done before submitting your application to the app store and distribution. Make sure that non-technical people are testing the applications as well because ultimately they are the one who are going to use them.

4. Do not over stuff your application

Try to simplify the functionality of your application. Do not expect your application to perform multiple functions because that will confuse the user. A mobile application has limited space in terms of the screen of the mobile and tablet so you must consider that before putting the button on the design.

At last, I can just say that I hope Nokia can make a comeback in the market and we all can see some amazing models from Nokia.

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