Thursday, 17 October 2013

Types of Mobile Apps You Must Know

There is a huge difference between a smart-phone and a normal phone. Of course, smartphone has a very powerful hardware, but besides hardware smartphone has lots of applications which assist people in their day to day life. Mobile applications are becoming part of your daily life. Soon they will become necessity of life.

People use their smartphone now to stay connected with their family and friends. They communicate with them while they are on the go, they check their office e-mails and reply to them while they are travelling, they conduct meeting with their different location office while sitting at home and the list is endless.

You are able to perform all these actions with your smartphone because of the applications which are present in it. You know there are following kind of applications which are available in the market:

Native App

These are the applications that directly run from your mobile device. These are the application based on mobile OS, and they easily can be downloaded from the app store present in your mobile. The user will have to go to the app store and download and install their preferred applications. Some of the very common type of applications are calendar, calculators, Facebook, built-in browsers etc.

Native applications basically co-optimize the hardware of your mobile and handles all the complex functions, which a web application might not be able to do.

HTML5, Multi-Platform, Web-based App

Web based mobile applications are a kind of software programs which runs directly from web browser on mobile phones and tablets. These applications do not get installed on your handheld device and they only run on the web-hosted servers. These web based applications can be easily developed on one platform because they are not limited to the operating system of your device.

Most of the chatting applications, online mobile games, cloud based office applications are the correct example of web based mobile application.

Hybrid App

Hybrid apps make it possible to embed HTML5 apps inside a thin native container, combining the best (and worst) elements of native and HTML5 apps.

Customized App

These are the new trend of the market. Lots of businesses are opting for customized cellphone application development. At times, it becomes difficult to address the need of your customers with a standard application which is available in the market. Hence, businesses opt for the application which has been customized for them. They are more successful in comparison to normal apps because they have been designed and conceptualized after keeping the target audience in mind.

All in all, we can say that smart phone will not be that smart if we remove all the useful application from it. These applications are blessing to mankind and one should develop them in order to give more benefits to their customers. I hope you will also select an appropriate application for your business.

There are many companies available in market that offer mobile app development services. Choose your right web development partner who can understand your business and develop app accordingly

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