Monday, 28 October 2013

How Beneficial Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Is?

The cross platform mobile application development is used for multi-devices. It actually helps to develop applications for multiple platforms running on different mobile devices. It gives facility to the developer to write code only once and the same code can be reused for some other platform. It then helps that code to be run on different tools like PhoneGap, Titanium, Rho Mobile etc. These tools are based on latest web technologies like HTML5,CSS3, JAVA script etc.

These days’ mobile application development companies get inundated with demands for more user-savvy mobile apps in order to hook a sweet bridge between communication and design for both Android and iOs phones. For developing applications running on different platforms the cross-development mobile frameworks, such as IBM Worklight, Adobe’s PhoneGap, are very much in demand these days.

Advantages of Using Cross Platform Mobile Application Development: 

Cost Effective

There is somewhat an absolute inverse proportion that exists between time of deployment of an application and the cost. The faster an application is created by developer, the lesser amount of money is spent on the development task. Creating mobile apps is quite very faster with the use of cross-platform technologies. Also technically speaking the code which is developed once can then be reused as a primary reference for other projects on the iOS or Android platform. Since the code is developed to work on iOS and Android, this piece of code can then be used as a good launching point as demand for that particular application emerges. This hence saves money as it helps companies to avoid assigning any new team the new task to create an app for that just one system.

Easy accessibility to plugins

The latest tools in cross mobile app development such as PhoneGap offer access to plugins that can be easily used in other services. These also offer links to other similar APIs, such as cameras, accelerometers, or location sensors. There is no need of writing repeated codes. Just a unique centralized set of code will automatically run on iPhone’s GPS and a Samsung Galaxy S II’s GPS.

Easily usable to web developers

The cross platform mobile application frameworks can easily be used for scripting languages as it becomes easy for web developers to utilize them. As per recent trends HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are considered backbone of majority of internet apps that run on millions of websites on internet so it is a natural transition for these tools to be migrated to such mobile devices.

Used for support for enterprise and cloud services

Such cross platform mobile application development frameworks can actually help in easy integration of cloud services. For example if this code is used once in exchange integration then it will work on both platforms. Here also the multiple security methods aren’t required as the cross platform apps function similarly on either the iOS or the Android platform.

Hence it must be very clear that due to the fragmentation of the devices in smartphones cross platform application development has emerged as boon to various mobile apps development companies globally.


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