Thursday, 24 October 2013

Native App or Mobile Website or Both

It is very important for your business to capitalize on the growing trend of consumer’s infatuation for applications. More and more people are buying smartphones these days. In fact, people spend more time browsing internet on mobile then they do on their laptop. Having, said that one has to understand that applications are not meant for every business.

You have to take a close look at the pros and cons of developing an mobile application for your business and accordingly you should make an appropriate decision for yourself. Sometimes if you have a very traditional business even a mobile website will fulfill all your purposes and you will be able to attract more consumers with that.

Let’s try and have a close look at the advantages as well as dis-advantages of both of them:

Advantages of mobile websites-

  • One universal version to develop, no problems of different platform.
  • Easily compatible with all the browsers.
  • Cost-effective and need short time to develop.
  • Updating and editing is very easy. It is also available in real time.
  • No need to permanently download a site on your mobile. Doesn’t take too much space.
  • Easy to optimize on search engines.

Disadvantages of mobile websites-

  • User need internet connection to access mobile website.
  • Only limited features are available. Not much scope is left for creativity.
  • They are slow in comparison to native applications.

Should You Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website? [infographic by MDG Advertising]
by MDG Advertising

Advantages of native application-

  • Better and personal user experience.
  • Very fast in comparison with mobile websites.
  • Ability to use application when a person is offline.
  • Very easy to find in an application store.
  • Users spend more time on mobile applications and re-use them time and again.
  • Can spread message in a very informative and entertaining way.

Disadvantages of native application-

  • One application can’t be used on every platform. Different code is required for different platforms.
  • Users have to update the applications with new versions.
  • All the updates have to be approved by the app store.
  • They are more expensive to develop. You also need time to develop these applications. One has to pre-plan them.
  • Can’t be used as an instant tool.

Develop native application when:

  • A requirement is of a long running service which is only be targeting too few platforms. It is not a platform with which the enterprises can target lots of platform.

Develop mobile website when:

  • You want to target people universally specifically local audience. The enterprises must opt for a mobile website if they are offering some useful FMCG products in order to attract more and more customer on mobile platform.

After looking at the comparison given above. We can certainly say that they both hold their own importance and you have to take a closer look at the objective of your business before making a final decision.

They both can also be launches by the same business in order to achieve a very wide reach and acquire more market share. However, one must create a proper strategy before spending money on both of them.

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