Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Mobile App or Mobile Friendly Website: 4 Helpful Points for Your Better Decision

Before you can estimate the advantage of a Mobile App vs. a Mobile Website it’s significant to understand the key differences between the two. Both Mobile Website and App are retrieved on handheld devices such as tablets and Smartphones.

Its pivotal to choose between a mobile-friendly web app vs a native mobile application, as it rely on an array of factors like: determining your business plan, understanding who your customers are, dictating your budget, and identifying the important features.

Acquiring knowledge of the key differences between the two, you'll know which suffice your demands the best. Here are a couple of factors that you may want to consider.


It refers to establishing websites and applications accessible to people through Tablets, Smartphones and other broad range of devices to interact with the web. Mobile website applications are made up of web pages which have been formatted to access on handheld devices; it is accessed by the browser on devices and requires internet connection to the device.

Plus they are specially designed to take benefit of mobile features such as location- based mapping. Besides these applications should be downloaded from an app store and get installed on your device. Perhaps these apps might work with or without internet connection depending on the features downloaded.

Know Your Audience:

An appreciable business website is one that delivers a great deal of resources for its visitors generating its interest. If your website is getting a plenty of traffic, your next job is to turn that traffic into customers and make sure that your website fulfills customer's needs. On the flip side, the end user tends to choose mobile browsers for shopping and searching, and mobile apps for managing data and playing games.

New Customer or Loyal Consumer:

It is an essential factor to determine whether a mobile app is required or a mobile-friendly website. If it is a new customer who wants to discover about business will see your offerings or place a call, and for this they need not an app to download to do this, instead it requires a mobile-friendly website to learn more about your business and contact you.

On the other hand loyal customers who wants to place orders on weekly or daily basis would find a convenient and useful app easy to download that will probably save their time.


It is another important factor to take into consideration and how to get return on your investment. A Mobile-friendly website is generally less expensive as it takes less time to develop, maintain and release whereas the mobile app starts about few dollars to thousands.

There are many pros and cons, but one thing is clear Mobile is hot and the future of the internet is obviously mobile as more and more people get information via their smartphones and tablets.

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