Thursday, 2 January 2014

4 Insider Tips To Get Your Mobile App Development Campaign Noticed

One of the biggest challenges in successful mobile app development right now is getting noticed amidst the various products available. In 2013 the number of people using mobile phones for the Internet, surpassed those making use of computers, laptops or tablets for internet access, and companies that can develop successful apps really can integrate properly into the digital environment. Here are four important tips that will get your app noticed.

1. You Are Not Trying To Win a Design Award

Sure you have to maintain a certain standard when it comes to aesthetics, and style plays a big part of how readily your app will be consumed, but ultimately it is functionality that is the most important part of what the app does. The experts also warn against adopting skeuomorphic design, or designing an app to resemble something exactly as it is in real life. Flat designs are far more sophisticated and upmarket. By now people know that digital imagery is not real, so there’s no point in trying to fake it.

2. Push Notifications and Location Software

Push notifications may have been around for a couple of years already but they were reinvented in 2013. These are the features that let you know about something with a vibration or a sound when the app has been turned off, like when you want a few quiet moments to yourself without being interrupted by your phone.

Location software gives away the smartphone user’s location so you can deliver more targeted advertising or information. This kind of functionality is ideal for local events and attractions and retail apps.

3. Remember To Push The Right Buttons

As apps have become more sophisticated the once popular button is losing its shine and is being used less frequently. And this is one example where you can get creative and innovative and explore the different options you have available. Techniques such as swipes and pinches are just two examples of how different movements have been integrated successfully into apps. Whether it’s a new movement you want to create, or an existing movement you want to monopolize to make sure you make it big, bold and easy to pull off.

4. Choose Quality Over Quantity

So many apps have been created, but the quality and attention to detail is what will turn you into the next big thing. Whatever you do, make sure you do it well.

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