Friday, 17 January 2014

Apple iPhone 5S Beats Samsung and Nexus in the Google Trends 2013

Even after Steve Jobs, the legacy of being unique and trend setter has been continued by the management of Apple Inc. This fact was again came into the light when Google trends 2013 has launched the list of “Top Consumer Electronics 2013”.

iPhone 5S topped the chart whereas second position was grabbed by Samsung Galaxy S4 and PlayStation was able to secure 3rd position in the list. Other products which were able to make it to the top list were Xbox, Nexus, HTC one, iPad Air etc.

Apple Inc. has launched iPhone 5S on September 10th, 2013 with the live telecast conference being held in China because this time they want to focus on Asian market as much as United States of America. People who were attending the launch conference were very active on twitter. Everyone was giving their own view on the new features which were launched by Apple in iPhone 5S.

If we compare, we will see that iPhone 5S is more welcomed than iPhone 5C in most of the markets. The new fingerprint touch and metallic colors were the talk of the world for so many days after the launch. The industry experts were speculating that people would not give any importance to finger touch sensor and they will not give a warm welcome to this product. It turned out to be quite opposite in reality and people were dearly waiting to have iPhone 5S in their pocket.

Samsung is doing well however it is still not able to beat Apple in terms of innovative thinking, functionality of the smart phone, sleek design and over all mass following. The second position on the list which is grabbed by Samsung galaxy S4 also indicates that phablets are preferred more in comparison to the phones which has small screen. This could also be due to the fact that people are doing more things on the go and they would like to have bigger screen size.

Some of the major difference between the earlier iPhone’s and iPhone 5S are that, iPhone 5S has better processor, storage, dimensions and features. Actually everything is better in iPhone 5S in comparison to all the earlier iPhone’s.

It will be interesting to see if Apple can keep up the trend as well as the legacy of late Steve Jobs and again secure the top position on Google Trends in 2014. I will only say-Let the best product win!!

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