Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Top 5 Mobile Application Development Trends -2013

mobile app trends 2013
Mobile technology is ever growing unit which is not going to stop any further. Each day there are some development or expansion in some of these technologies and its solutions. Companies are developing mobile applications which are affecting the whole industry like a wildfire.

There are version updates, replacement of the older ones to newer, some innovations and some adaptions and many more. This section is completely on-going one, there is no stoppage to it. So, in today’s post it was important to understand - what are the top 5 mobile app trends this season? What’s going on in the market? What are the demands and need etc.?

Right now the most buzzing news is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the market and mobile devices are likely to surpass PCs as the most common tools for Web access. According to Gartner’s 10 Critical Tech Trends for the Next 5 Years, over 80% of handsets in mature markets will be smartphones by 2015. By this same year, tablet shipments will be 50% of laptop shipments, and Windows 8 will be in 3rd place just behind Apple and Android for devices and operating systems. In this same report, it says by the beginning of 2014 with more than 70 billion mobile app downloads in app stores.

Anyways the trend which are going to affect the market are –

1. iOS Apps will still Dominate the Market – We all know that Android is the most popular mobile operating system today. And Android market shares are more than the one iOS has. However, it is iOS apps which monetize better via in-app ads, app fees or in-app purchases. So, just because iOS is still monetizing and where Android is built over a free platform iOS will dominate the market.

2. Mobile Payment Application – Mobile payment application is increasing day by day, specialist are claiming that it will overtake the credit card system. These are known as mobile wallets. It is already becoming popular in European Countries and in USA. But still people are little dicey over it because of two important aspects –

a. One is Security i.e. what if the data got stolen by any third party. What are the security measures? And all.

b. Speed – It’s again important. When the money will get transfer, when we can receive the money etc. are the basic question that rises when it comes to mobile payment. This trend still need some time to get mature. There are lots of capabilities and scopes available.

3. Cloud Technologies – Even SharePoint 2013 moved to cloud. Cloud computing and storing information in clouds are nowadays is trend and people will follow it further.

4. Gaming Applications – It’s a non-dying section. As the statistics data show mobile gaming apps are the most popular app category today. And people are eager to spend money on their favorite pastime.

5. Healthcare Applications – Another on-going trend. People are getting conscious about their health day by day. Such healthcare apps help users to consult with their doctors and getting solutions. Another app is about maintaining good health like exercise apps, yoga apps, recovery progress which help a user in monitoring a good health.

These are just few of the trends and tendencies that are increasing in today’s existing world. But still companies have to look for their solutions and mobile application development plans which will help them to grow further in their departments.


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