Monday, 17 June 2013

Top 5 Features of Windows Azure Mobile Services

Windows Azure Mobile services as the name suggest what all it offers besides that it also offers some interesting features that we would really like to know! In today’s post I am going to share such interesting facts which one should know while dealing with Windows Azure.

Windows Azure is a Microsoft's application platform for the public cloud. You can use this platform in many different ways. Such as, you can use Windows Azure to build a web application that runs and stores its data in Microsoft data centers. You can also use Windows Azure just to store data, with the applications that use this data running on-premises (i.e., outside the public cloud). It is used to create virtual machines for development and test or to run SharePoint and other applications. You can use Windows Azure to build massively scalable applications with lots and lots of users. Because the platform offers a wide range of services, all of these things-and more-are possible.

Additionally, these a tailor made services for the different mobile platforms that Windows Azure Mobile Services supports are –

• Windows 8
• Windows Store
• iOS
• Android and

Features and Services:

An easy Mobile Service

The Windows Azure Mobile Services offer you an exceptionally easy to create services. Microsoft has done an incredible job while making the tutorial; they made it easy for the user to follow. They have also given the step-by-step instructions walk you through creating your first mobile service, as well as, a “To Do List” app. In order, to get started with the first Windows Azure Mobile Service and “To Do List” app, visit the following link: get started with Mobile Services


The Windows Azure Mobile Services website provides a section of tutorials that specifically deals with how to authenticate users from your app. These tutorials require that you have already created your first mobile service and “To Do List” app. For the five different platforms, Microsoft walks through the following steps:

a. Registering your app for authentication,
b. Restricting permissions to users, and
c. Adding authentication to your “To Do List” app.

Save Data in the Cloud

They offer direct way to store structured data in the cloud. In this, SQL database is perfect for adding into a leaderboard to a game, sustaining a friend list, etc. Either connect to an existing database or create a new one.

Integrated push notifications

With server-side scripting and integrated push support, Mobile Services provide you with an easy way to send push notifications to your app without writing, testing or managing any backend infrastructure code.

Include custom business logic with server-side scripting

– It agrees to the augment of your data operations with custom logic such as sending push notifications, SMS, or email. You can also set your scripts to run on a static schedule, which allows you to periodically removal of old or duplicate data from the tables, and process or resize user submitted images, as well as query aggregate data from an external web service.

These are just few features or facts about this service. You can get a complete set of instructions and details in the link below - intro to  windows azure

Windows Azure just tried to simplified few things in the mobile app development services and with cloud services it made it convenient too for the developers. So, what is your opinion? I would really appreciate if you can share your thoughts and ideas too. Till then, keep reading a lot more will be discussed.

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