Friday, 31 May 2013

Google Announced Launch of Two new Android Phones

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Google has recently announced that it has made two new sophisticated Android smartphones. Also an HTC One smartphone which works on Google's Android platform and will make its US debut on June 26 at a price of $599.

High Demand for Smartphones

In early 2013 there was boom in the sale of smartphones which rose to a satisfactory level. However there are quite distinct features between smartphones and other phones as well. The major significant difference lies in the fact that there is use of the advanced application programming interfaces (APIs) on smartphones. These are used to run various third-party applications which allow them to have better integration with the phone's OS and hardware. The various types of smartphones launched in market are developed on platforms such as android, blackberry, RIM.

Let us discuss here Android smartphones in Detail

Android is basically an open mobile phone platform developed by Google and its open handset alliance. The Android developed by Google works as a "software stack" for mobile phones. Android is an open platform, which means that it can be downloaded through a software development kit. Eventually one can have plenty of Android apps that can be download to your phone. Android is based on the Linux operating system, and all of its applications will be written using Java.

Let us know what a software stack is. It actually consists of:
  • An operating system which is the platform on which everything runs
  • The middleware which is programming that allows different applications to interact with the network or to one another.
  • The applications are actual programs that help phone to run successfully.

It's called a great device which will also be compatible with carriers AT&T and T-Mobile.

It has been said that this smartphone which is made in a facility near Fort Worth, Texas would be called Moto X.

This is first of its kind built in United States. Its various components will be taken from Taiwan, South Korea, the United States and its 70 per cent of the assembly will be done in Texas.

Moto X would be made somewhat different from other smartphones as it will have to use advanced sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers. Use of such sensors make devices adapt to different set of conditions and circumstances.

Google has made its Android operating system for various mobile devices freely available to various electronics manufacturers.


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