Friday, 31 May 2013

6 Steps to Make Your Mobile App Stand Out in the Crowd

App Stand Out in the Crowd
Where the market is just over loaded with different mobile apps and there is a cut-throat competition among the companies! What steps you should take to make your mobile application stand ahead from the crowd?

In today’s post we are going to discuss; what we can do while strategizing an app? How to market or promote about it? And most importantly how to capture the attention of the users and consumers and convince them to use it?

There are so many steps or points that one can discuss over it. It begins with the phase before launch to after launch and then the strategies to look after its growth or promotion once the product is released in the market. When there are so many applications available in the market which are offering the same features, one should think one step ahead of these applications and should think of adding features anything like extra added benefit, easiness, less load on the operating system, smooth operations etc. Another important aspect is “how to make the application viral?” “How to capture the maximum attention from users?”

These two factors are the most important phase on which the whole system revolves. We all know that, most apps fail either because the content is not exciting or they are too difficult to use on a mobile device. For a perfect mobile app there should be some proper mobile app development solutions like planning, justified UI, usability, interactive features, solid technical performance and at the end promotional strategies.

Now a days, for a successful applications one should follow the steps!

Planning – Planning is important to build a flawless app. It’s important to plan first like who are the targeted customers? What is the use of this applications? What is the current market situation? What are the things that can be done? etc. are the few points that you answer while planning for it

Justified UI – User Interface is very important while designing an app. Mostly people make mistakes while designing user interface i.e. how the page is going to look, button like, its page order, its functionality etc. are just few points have to be considered while keeping the user and their usability in mind.

Usability – Another important factor which defines its use and usability. Quality graphics, readable and comprehensible content, and easiness in the communication, they all are the critical factors for making an app more usable. Make sure it conveys a clear picture to the user.

Interactive Features - The functionality could be of anything like from basic social media sharing, to delivering dynamic content like back-end database integration, geo-location services, coupons and special offers, etc. Applications and features should be such that user can use them in day to day life and make a worth out of it.

Technical Performance – Performance is again important. Users are using these apps so that their human effort reduces and they can make the work done in less time or half. You can’t afford to make an application which gives null when it comes to performance whether it’s related to operating system or the output generation. Performance should be such which can be attained in a most effective way in very less time.

Promotional Strategies – Now comes the marketing and a phase where you reach your audience or customers in a way that make them use your product or service. This is the phase where you can create demand or justify the demand in the market. The strategy should be such which justifies your application as well as its usage.

Thanks to Online Marketing and Strategizing which has reduced the human effort and it’s again because the use of mobile technology. People are moving fast in this fast pace world. If you want to seek an attention from them either you walk with them in a same pace or walk ahead, so that they try to reach your position. Understanding -> Planning -> Implementing and getting the result is the basic mantra.

Do you have any other idea to make a mobile app stand out from the crowd? share in comments section. 


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