Monday, 11 August 2014

Google Glass App Development - Next Wave After iPhone App

The day when Apple launched iPhone no one would have ever imagined that it will revolutionize the mobile apps. Today more than 1.2 million apps are available in App Store with over 75 billion download apps. Google Glass which is a revolutionary device with many consumer and business capabilities is also picking up the similar trend. Google Glass is a wearable device which was developed by Google with the purpose of producing a mass marketing ubiquitous computer. It has been developed in such a manner that information can be displayed in the smartphone and wearer can communicate with internet via natural language command. Initially people were skeptical about Google Glass but now people have now come to know about the power of this device. Businesses across various industries are leveraging this technology to connect with their clients in order to serve them best services. If it will be successful it will certainly boost the Google glass application development as its beneficial both for business and end user. The annual sales forecast report for Google Glass published by the Business Insider shows that Google glass is going to reach 21.1 M dollar sales in 2018.

How it is going to help businesses across different verticals:

Google’s purpose of developing Google Glass was to create a hands free device which could make communication fast and easy and fast. It seems that Google Glass is an ordinary Glass but this is not actually true. Google’s purpose of creating Google Glass is to set mega trends in wearable technology. Currently not everyone can see the future of this device but if you look from futuristic point of view then you can realize that this device can be widely used from traffic control to the high tech medical industry. Before creating this device, Google could understand the power of eyes as everything starts by seeing the thing first. Google has tried hard to bring mobile and computing technologies more close to our eyes. Today many businesses across different industry verticals are using Google Glass as a tool to sort out the problem.

In B2B world, it is being used as a language translator in real time. This glass can zoom in and translate text in a preferred language immediately. Its ability to scan and translate the document sitting in front of you without using another device is tremendous beneficial when traveling and conducting business internationally. Opportunity remains in this area for app developers, as an app which can translate voices in real-time would take this function to the next level.

This device has been used in on education sector to train and develop professionals. Training tutorials can be recorded from the first-person perspective, but perhaps more importantly trainees can solicit help via Google Glass and stream what they see in front of them in real-time to the person they are speaking with. This opens the door for app developers to create app to make training and development more interactive.

Augmented reality is the new trend which is being used to create virtual world of physical world. This technology is being used by many industries to revolutionize their business performance. Businesses do not use this directly but they can be used through devices which are mobile and wearable. Companies are creating augmented based Google Glass applications for many industries like retail, gaming etc. Let’s say you were selling furniture. The customer can look at their own living room and “add” the piece of furniture they are considering to what they see while wearing Google Glass so that they can picture how the new piece would fit and look in their space.

There are many opportunities for developers to create augmented reality based on Google glass applications for various industries. B2B organizations are also using wearable devices to increase employee productivity. Recent research reveals that effective use of wearable devices in organizations can increase work productivity.

The biggest benefit of wearable devices is use of big data which can be used by the companies to get the right business decision at the right time. We all know that Google Glass is leading in wearable industry. It has been predicted that Google Glass will surely bring great innovations in the healthcare industry. Companies are developing Google Glass apps for healthcare industry to bring across various advancements.

How it will help end users:

Use of Google Glass is not limited to only businesses. It can be used by end users for various purposes like breaking down the language barrier, exploring the vacation destination with the help of augmented reality, health fitness, road traffic and security and many which you can't imagine.

It is difficult to say about the exact future of Google Glass but on the basis of its features and the way businesses are using this device, it can be said that its area of usage is endless and there is a huge scope for developer to create Google Glass app for various industries for varied purposes. This device can revolutionize the industries in the same way as mobile has done.

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