Friday, 27 June 2014

Yahoo Live Web Insights: Free Mobile App for Real Time Visitor Tracking

Online competition is becoming intense and every business wants to capture more and more number of consumers which are doing online shopping. Accessing the previous day data is very useful because it gives the business owners some analytics about what is being liked and what is not. However, in this current fast pace environment access the data which is 24 hours old is really not good enough. One has to monitor the real time data in order to grab hold of the current visitor on the website.

Yahoo worked very hard on the same concept of real time data and launched a new mobile app for real time visitor tracking. This app is very useful because it will give the real-time information of the site activity to its visitors and the site owners will be able to grab hold of the customer through chat, hitting him with exiting offers etc. before he leaves the website.

Some of the best features of live web insights are:

Monitor costumers activity in real-time

Unlike other tools, this tool does not take hours or days to generate report and for you to evaluate. At times, the data comes late and the company miss the opportunity to take advantage of it. However, yahoo is likely to change the whole scenario and give the opportunity to the enterprises to cash up on the live insights.

Initiate chats

The enterprise will have an opportunity to initiate the chat with the consumers and prompt them with new offers or can solve their query. With one click they can start the conversation with the consumers.

On the spot adoptions

The companies will be able to see what is working for them and what is not working for them. They will be able to make smart choices just by looking at the trend and making the real time changes to their campaigns. They do not have to wait for 2-3 hours to get the reports and then do the necessary changes.

Traffic and source evaluation

The tool give the complete information about the source of the traffic. The companies can see which channel is working best for them and they can maximize their efforts on that channel. They can see which platform is giving best return on investment and further explores it.

Get hold of the trends

The companies can store the past trends and come with the likely hood idea of what is going to work and what not in the future. They can also evaluate the performance of the start keywords and act accordingly.

This tool looks really helpful for the new business owners who are trying to understand the statics of the business. All-in-all this tool is really going to help the industry in a positive way.

Yahoo Live Web Insights on App Store

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