Monday, 4 December 2017

3 Mobile Technologies that Will Make a Big Impact in 2018

Out of all of the technologies, you can think of, mobile technology has had one of the biggest impacts on our lives. Why? Because it’s mobile and we can go anywhere with it. Today, more people than ever have smartphones, and with it comes near limitless possibilities.
Let’s look at what the future of mobile technology will look like in 2018.

1: Wireless Charging

It’s been a long time since Nikola Tesla walked on Earth, but we finally have something he could only dream about: wireless charging (AKA inductive charging). Wires? No, thank you. I would much rather simply set my phone down on top of a charging pad and let the energy flow. The thing about wires is that they’re the past; they’re obsolete. We have wireless speakers, wireless earphones, and now we have wireless charging. Wires had their heyday, and it’s time for them to step aside.
Imagine coming home a bit inebriated after a night out with friends. You get back, you’re tired, thirsty, and all you want to do is take your clothes off and go to sleep. You put your phone down and head to bed. Which of the following scenarios would you prefer?
You start nodding off when you realize that your phone is completely out of battery. Darn it, now you have to get up, find the charging cable, and do that little dance where you try to plug your phone in as few tries as possible. Ahh, finally, fifth time’s the charm — time to head back to bed.
You start nodding off and you fall asleep knowing that your phone started charging the second you put it down on top of the charging pad.
If I were you, I would opt for the second scenario.

2: Augmented Reality


Augmented reality has been with us for a while now, but we didn’t really start talking about it and mobile technology in the same sentence until Pokémon GO came into the scene in the summer of 2016. It’s had its ups and downs, but many people now realize what AR can do, and many organizations are taking heed and are adding it to their own strategies.
In fact, Amazon recently released AR View, a wonderful mobile app that goes above and beyond what other AR apps can do. With it, you can go through their catalogue, choose something that you’re interested in, and then superimpose it onto your actual surroundings. That’s not all though, after all, there are plenty apps that already do that. The beauty of this app is that it has more of a mixed reality feel by allowing to ‘interact’ with the product. Not interact as in touch, but once you place an object somewhere, you can walk around and see it from different angles, just as if it were actually there. So whereas other apps have the object sit there, Amazon actually lets you treat it as an actual thing.

3: Translators


As artificial intelligence improves, we’re seeing more and more improvements in translators. And by this, I’m not referring to dear old text translators, but instead, those that translate as you speak. In other words, you can have a complete and cohesive conversation with someone who speaks a completely different language than you, without waiting for the machine to register what you say and then translate. I’m talking real-time language translation.

A Second Look at the Future of Mobile Technology

Let’s whet our mobile technology appetites by taking a second look at what 2018 will bring:
1. Wireless charging that will make our lives much easier
2. Augmented reality to merge the real and virtual world
3. Translators that can break down language barriers in real-time
Enjoy the future of mobile technology!

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