Monday, 24 November 2014

Native or Cross Platform Mobile App: How to Decide Which One is Right for Your Business

If you are in a business and still not developed mobile application for your business then it is time to go for that. As mobile tech has changed the way of communication, consumers are shifting from desktop to mobile. Mobile internet users are continuously growing. A research shows that 91% of USA adult population owns a cell phone and 61% of them smartphone users. It has been predicted that by the end of this year 1 billion smartphones will be sold which is double than the PC estimated to sell.

The above data shows that mobile tech is emerging as a new platform to boost your business. May be now you have turned up your mind and agreed to build mobile application but not sure which type of mobile app will be right for your business as mobile market is flooded with varied platforms.

Let us discuss here which type of mobile app you should go for, native app or cross platform.

Native App

Native mobile app is developed to be used on a particular platform like iOS or Android. It can run on a single platform. The key benefits of native mobile app are better user experience and reliability. To decide if native mobile app will be right for you just check the traffic status of your website. If your mobile traffic is limited to a specific mobile platform then you need to develop native app specifically for that platform.

Cross platform mobile app

Cross platform is basically developed to be used on all major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry etc. Cross platform offers many benefits like greater reach, uniform look and feel, low development cost, easy marketing and more.

To decide if you need to go for cross platform app or not check your audience demographic on mobile devices. If business audiences come through all major mobile platforms then you need to develop cross mobile app. This write-up is limited to how to decide what type of mobile app you should go for. This does not describe about mobile website. This is helpful for you in case you are going to build mobile app. But before going to build mobile app you should check if your business needs mobile app or mobile website.


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