Friday, 9 May 2014

iOS Vs. Android: Which One is the Leader?

And the debate is still on between iOS and android which is better or superior? With the release of iOS7 there are many who claimed there is nothing which can beat this operating system and on the other hand, the Android lovers still think iOS is too basic and there is nothing fancy and innovative about it.

In today’s topic we will discuss the point and features which can explain or justify the superiority between the two and what make it innovative and out of the box! Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both the OS and also discuss which is more secure!

Pros and Cons of iOS and Android:

PROs of iOS

  • Like Always applications are often launched on iOS first: Despite of android popularity, still there are applications which are launched on iOS before than android. In Google Play, there are 600,000 apps available, most of which runs on tablets where as apple store got 700,000 apps in 250,000 are available for iPad.

  • User-friendly: Even though android is considered to be more multitasking and efficient; however iOS uniform design elements are sometimes seen as being more user friendly.

  • Secured: With the release of KitKat (Android 4.4) the debate over this partly open system is abridged as now it offer tighter access control but still here iOS got the upper hand. The strict app polices over iTunes really make this system secured and safe to use which hardly ever crashes.

  • Quality Hardware: iOS is only available on a few devices that they launch for that year, but Apple has maintain that high standards for all those devices and guarantees that each device is extremely well made.

CONs of iOS

  • No Customization: If you want to customize your smartphone, the sky is the limit with Android phones. Modify whatever you want. Whereas in iOS you don’t have such customization level.

  • Multimedia Ease: In apple phone you have to buy music and videos from iTunes. It’s necessary to sync the files with it. On the other hand, in android you really don’t have to worry about it. Simply plug the phone as a USB into your system and transfer songs and movies directly. Moreover you can download the music too directly into phone.

  • Unlocking Options: iPhone provide you the basic unlocking option i.e. by putting the numeric values to unlock the phone. Whereas in android phone you have plenty of options to unlock it, in fact you can customize the unlocking option too with the apps you want to access which saves time.

PROs of Android

  • Variety to choose from: Android is available in almost all the big mobile companies with a wide range of mobile phones to choose from. Android phones are available from less than $60 to a good amount of $350 too. So whatever is your budget you can easily afford a smart phone if you are opting for android.

  • Multitasking: Android is Linux based, partly open source which is more like PC. It give a more freedom to use applications running hand in hand which kind off missing in the iOS.

  • Less restrictive app policies: Unlike iTunes, Google Play has its own policies which are flexible. Although much flexibility at times causes problems for the app too in respect to user experience part.

CONs of Android

  • APP Quality: since the app polices are amendable and malleable; at times the quality downfalls. So if compared to iOS there are some app which are not as per the standards of Apple store which affects the user experiences. 

  • Battery life: Android is a heavy OS which drains the battery life quite quickly if compared to iPhones. Which is at times annoying. Although these days companies are focusing on the better battery life in major and here LG has come up with LG G2 and Nexus with really commendable battery life also the Sony Xperia ranges got nice battery backups. Personally speaking Samsung doesn’t seems working on this section due to which they still have poor battery life.

  • Device Quality: Apple is famous for its aluminum body and for that they charge pretty well too, recently to slash the prices they came up with iPhone 5C with plastic body. Here, android fails. Well we can’t comment over the OS for this because hardware is absolutely responsible by the device makers. Here devices makers drop the quality of the device so that they can come up with minimum amount of android phone to capture the market.


Android seems to be a winner here, if you opt for high-end android phones (cost ranges from $350) which is anyways cost lesser than iPhone 5S. With the features like multitasking, customization, application usability, 3rd party application usage, better settings, multimedia ease, more free applications etc. iPhones do look basic and old-fashioned at times. But there are some people who still enjoy the authenticity of Apple phones; they are the loyal customers of Apple for whatsoever you will bring they will always go for iPhones. At the end, I would like to ask; what do you prefer – iOS or Android?


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