Friday, 8 March 2013

Current Situation: Different Platforms and Opportunities it offers!

With the recent surveys done by VisionMobile’sDeveloper Economics 2013”, it shows that android is still leading the market when it comes to mobile application development. In this survey, they produced a statistics chart given below –

In this you can see clearly that android is leading with 72% and there is a hike of 4 points from the previous year. On the other hand, iOS is in 56% with a loss of 5 points from the previous one. After this, the third most popular platform is HTML and HTML 5 with 50%, well you can’t compare it with regular operating systems rather it is a programming language that has showed a promising performance for developers and clients to develop or work on.
The windows phone and blackberry seems untouched there is no difference in their points from the previous year. Is this an attitude of “wait and see” towards the sale or they are actually doing something towards this – it’s a biggest question!

Windows phone was originally released in late 2010 but the market seems still unaffected if we look at the sales of this phone. They are taking steps towards it to increase their sales and performance and Nokia Lumia 720 or 620 etc. could be a great example. This phone has shown many diversity in the performance and looks. The applications present seems pretty impressing but is that a solution? 

I guess this platform need some time to get mature first. But the way android is growing its horizons in the market whether let this OS show its capability?

Well, you never know where a user start liking or disliking the things. Customer behavior is the biggest challenge that a marketer faces. There are many books and ideas that are given to understand your consumer but nothing is fixed or permanent.

If I take my general example, I was (or you can say, I am still) a fan iOS or apple iPhones but the time I used android it seems quite an interesting platform to me. Though it have glitches that at times some of the applications just don’t run or phone gets hang because of this heavy OS but the technology it provides is simply outstanding. Personally about android which completely make me insane is battery life. Oh… I don’t like to carry charger everywhere. Whereas I don’t face such problems with my iPhone. But that’s my personal experience it can vary person to person.

(I would like to know people who faced the same issues or may be different, if you have worked on both the platforms I would like to know about its performance, looks or whatever may be the reason!!)

At the end, this report card can change with the coming future with new apps or custom application developments, it’s the user who are beneficial at the end and it’s a responsibility of the organization to develop apps which can reduce each barrier between the user and organization and both can have the WIN-WIN situation. 


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